My name is Arjan de Wit. I create music for and with film makers, artists, ensembles and makers in the broadest sense. Over the years I have developed an extensive skill set in writing, arranging, recording, producing and mixing music.

Arjan de Wit by JKey Photography
Photo by JKey Photography

When writing music I develop my ideas inspired by ‘everyday’ concepts e.g. nature, space, time, movement and growth, combined with a process of playing around with acoustical and electronic instruments and other objects. I aim to find a unique sound and/or theme for each project I’m working on.

All ideas and concepts aside, I’m sure these people and artists have influenced my music over the years: Steve Reich, John Adams, Arvo Pärt, Nico Muhly, Patrick Watson, Daniël Lanois, Henryk Górecki, Warren Ellis, Radiohead, Philip Glass, Andrew Bird, The Punch Brothers, Midlake, Bon Iver, Nick Drake, Max Richter, Sufjan Stevens.

I studied composition and music production at the Utrecht School of Arts, where I graduated with a Master of Music, European Media Master and a Bachelor of Music with Honours in composition.

Together with Bas Bouma, I own the company Room Service Music. I have an in-house studio which allows me to produce most of my music, but occasionally I will find a suitable location for recording instruments and ensembles that require more space or some nice acoustics.


Best Music for the short Marijn at Eindhoven Film Festival.

Best Music (nominated) for the short Tussenstop at Eindhoven Film Festival.


I am available for coaching and training sessions.